One thing is a given in college football, and it is that the games make money. It is definitely a certainty that if Florida State is involved, a lot of money will be made. Florida State is not a regional team, but would be considered a national brand. We have plenty of proof of this, but Coach Taggart recruiting California is the most recent example. With the 2018 football schedule most recently released, we are going to look at the hottest tickets for Florida State games this season.

#1. Notre Dame $400

We all knew this was obviously going to be the hardest ticket to get this season. This game has two nationally branded names, a unique match-up, and two teams expected to make a splash in 2018. Similar to Georgia fans in 2017, FSU fans will flock to South Bend, and make it an easy sell out. For many Noles $400 is a drop in the bucket for this type of experience.

#2. Clemson $186

By far the most important home game of the year, and that is even including the Gators. We need to stop the Dabo momentum now and do it this year. $186 is going to be cheap to watch the Taggart train run over the Tigers, and reclaim what is ours.


#3. Florida $179

Watching the Noles go 6-0 against Florida for $179! Dilly Dilly!

#4. Miami $160

#5. NCSU $159

#6. Louisville $149

#7. VT $119

$19 FSU Visor (rock your Taggart look)

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