FSU facilities do not fit the media’s narrative

by | Dec 1, 2017 | ACC, FSU, News

This past week it seems like some area’s of the media have been coming to Jimbo’s rescue wanting to complain about our facilities. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit went as far to say the facilities were old, and antiquated. Many people outside of Tallahassee do not know that Seminole boosters and the University has spent over 150$ million during Jimbo’s tenure on the football program. While FSU’s facilities might not be brand new, they are still some of the best in college football. Look at Miami with their horrid facilities, and they managed to do okay this year. Also look at Boston College and their middle of the pack facilities, they did well against Jimbo Fisher this season. So take a look below at our “antiquated facilities.”


Antiquated Facilities