So after watching the film, like most we were not very impressed with our offense. The main difference to our victory was that our offense was cleaner than the Gators offense. This article is dedicated to accounting for the amount of times our runningbacks had substantial contact before they even crossed the line of scrimmage. It is frustrating to know that we have not developed any decent offensive lineman this season, and no movement is consistently created. So look below and check out this short analytic statistic from our run game.

Rushing Game Analytics vs. Florida

Traditional Running Plays Called: 32

Substantial Contact on rushers before they reached the line of scrimmage (LOS): 17

Percentage of Substantial Contact before reaching LOS: 53%

Tackles For Loss (for UF’s Defense): 11

FSU Rushing Yards: 88

Best Two Rushing Plays Without Contact before LOS




Worst Two Rushing Plays


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