3rd and Jimbo

by | Nov 13, 2017 | ACC, FSU

So we all have heard the cliche “3rd and Kelly” by now, while it still holds true “3rd and Jimbo” should have more of the spotlight. Our offense has been generally terrible, but our third down efficiency has been absolutely atrocious. Every time we were forced on third down whether it was long or short, there wasn’t much hope that we would convert.

FSU’s ranking for third down efficiency

Currently we are 127th out of 130th, and behind the dumpster fire Gator offense. (Surprisingly Miami is dead last) Out of our fourteen third down plays yesterday, we only had six third downs that were less than five yards. We have to start doing a better job overall on offense, but we need to keep the sticks moving and convert more of these third downs.

Jimbo has made Kelly’s job harder than it should be since we cannot move the sticks. Clemson had the ball for thirty six minutes yesterday, that is hard for any DC to combat. Especially for one that has been struggling since he began in 2014…

What are your opinions of Florida State’s third down struggles? Should we hear “3rd and Jimbo” more than “third and Kelly?” Leave a comment below on what your opinions are.