The most terrifying stat for Syracuse

by | Nov 2, 2017 | ACC, FSU | 1 comment

At 2-5 no team in college football has their backs against the wall like FSU does. If you ever seen a movie, where a gang of bad guys have an innocent person cornered in an alley, ready to strike the innocent some more, this is very comparable. FSU is against the wall, in a fetal position just waiting for the beatings of the big bad ACC to stop. It is fight or flight, and seven games in FSU is just frozen. It is time to get out of the fetal position and start swinging back these next four games, protect that bowl streak. Besides the streak there is virtually nothing to lose. The team they are playing this weekend, usually plays like it has nothing to lose.

Fourth Down? No Problem

Syracuse is the gambler of college football this season, and is not afraid to go for it all. Usually it is the Georgia Tech triple option attack that leads this category, but it is the fiery Syracuse Orange. They have gone for it on 4th down 25 times, making it 16. This is not a good recipe for the traditional Fisher and Kelly. FSU’s defense has a hard enough time as it is getting off the field. The thoughts of Syracuse taking four downs to stay on the field against our FSU defense is a terrifying situation. Saturday you are going to see polar opposites hit the field in the coaching spectrum (let’s hope I am wrong). You will see one staff coaching to win, and one staff coaching not to lose…

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Mike Rodgers
Mike Rodgers
4 years ago

Yadda Yadda Yadda…Keep telling the FSU players they are gonna get beat up by another team, let them feed off it. Go NOLES!!!!!!!