Twelve years ago, seems like an eternity but for the Nole fans that have been on the bandwagon a lot longer then 2013 have some games fresh in their memory. Back in 2005 when traditional uniforms were still cool, saying daggumit instead of damn, and winning ACC championships came a lot easier. In 2005 the ACC was still in its conference realignment era, and 2005 was the welcoming of Boston College. The first ever conference game for the Eagles was against the Florida State Seminoles. Let us just say the Noles had a huge welcoming party fpr future NFL Star Matt Ryan and the Eagles.

Florida State 28 Boston College 17

FSU’s defense came to play as Boston College had to put in backup underclassmen Matt Ryan late in the game due to their starter Quinton Porter going down to a left ankle injury. The defense suffocated QB’s Quinton Porter all night, forcing two interceptions by linebacker AJ Nicholson, and both for a touchdown by AJ Nicholson. Boston College was actually winning going into the half 17-14, but the 4th quarter was dominated by FSU. While FSU struggled on the ground, Drew Weatherford had one of his best games throwing for 248 yards and one touchdown to jump ball master Greg Carr. While Darius Mclure blocked a punt, to set up a short Lorenzo Booker touchdown.


FSU vs. Boston College 2005