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ACC Bowl Projections

by cfbmemes_

We are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving weekend meaning we are in the final week of the regular season. This week we get fed rivalry week for Thanksgiving weekend, one of the best weekends of the year. With that being said the bowl selection process is getting a little more clearer. For the ACC the bowl selection process is getting easier to pin point. If there are no major upsets this weekend and in the ACC Title game we believe the list below is where you will see the ACC teams heading for their bowls. So without further ado here are the Fifth Quarter ACC Bowl Projections.

ACC Bowl Projections

The Orange Bowl: ACC Champion vs. SEC/Big Ten/ND

Clemson vs. Alabama

Gator Bowl: ACC vs. SEC

Florida State vs. South Carolina

Cheez-It-Bowl: ACC vs. Big 12

North Carolina vs. Texas

Sun Bowl: ACC vs. PAC 10

Duke vs. UCLA

Dukes Mayo Bowl: ACC vs Big 10

North Carolina State vs. Maryland

Pinstripe Bowl: ACC vs. Big 10

Wake Forest vs. Purdue

Military Bowl: ACC vs AAC

Louisville vs. ECU

Fenway: ACC vs. AAC

Pitt vs. Memphis

Gasparilla Bowl

Syracuse vs. UCONN

Note: The Gator Bowl representatives were an attendance at the Florida State vs Louisiana game. We know Notre Dame will eat a bowl slot for the ACC and we project that to be the Holiday Bowl.

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