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College Football’s Top 10 Atmospheres From 2021

by PeteSnydes

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

Turn out the lights; the party’s over.

Sadly, we have come to another point in the calendar year where it is time to start saying goodbye to the sport we love.

With only bowl games remaining, which are primarily played on neutral sites, the pride and pageantry that fill a college football Saturday will head towards hibernation for yet another offseason.

Don’t worry. You’ll be tailgating and drinking beer before you know it, but for now, let’s look back at the 10 best atmosphere’s from a memorable 2021 season.

10. Lane Stadium (Week 1)


Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech Athletics 

This author will never forget where he was or what he was doing when he watched this game. Virginia Tech was playing what, at the time, was the No. 10 North Carolina Tar Heels on the first Friday night of the college football season.

College football was back in its purest form. To see Lane Stadium packed, heck, to see any stadium packed for the first time in over a year gave an overwhelming sense of “We’re Back!”

9. Washington-Grizzly Stadium (Week 12)

Photo courtesy of Montana athletics

In our wildest dreams, we never thought an FCS school would make a top-10 list of anything — much less the top 10 atmospheres of the year.

With that said, seeing the images from Missoula and there was no way this atmosphere could be kept off this list.

8. Camp Randall Stadium (Week 1)

Wisconsin Alumni on Twitter: "Best fans in the world! #OnWisconsin 📢 https://t.co/Uco7IlASK4" / Twitter

Photo courtesy of Wisconsin athletics 

Have you ever waited two years to do anything in your life? How about having to wait two years to jump around with over 80,000 of your closest friends?

7. Nippert Stadium (Conference Championship Week)


Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Athletics

We’re history buffs…..sue us.

6. Jordan-Hare Stadium (Week 13)


Photo courtesy of Auburn Athletics

There are about five games every college football fan must go to before he or she dies. The Iron Bowl may be at the top of that list.

5. Ohio Stadium (Week 9)

Photo credit: @_macshanklin/Ohio State athletics

As the great Woody Hayes once said, “The height of human desire is what wins, whether it’s on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium.”

4. Kyle Field (Week 6)

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M athletics

When you beat Alabama, it is special, but when you beat the Crimson Tide in front of 102,000 people, it becomes a night you never forget.

3. Michigan Stadium (Week 13)

Photo courtesy of Michigan athletics

If you were to say at the beginning of the year that Michigan would go on to beat Wisconsin, Penn State and Ohio State, in addition to winning its first-ever Big Ten Championship game and making its first-ever College Football Playoff, one might suggest you check into an insane asylum. Yet, here we are.

The season-defining moment came on a cold and snowy Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor.

2. Neyland Stadium (Week 7)


Photo credit: Swagger of Tennessee

Are we still pissed off about how this game ended? Absolutely.

But we have come to terms with the fact that this one will go down as one of the greatest Saturday nights atmosphere-wise in the history of college football.


1. Beaver Stadium (Week 3)


Photo By: Penn State athletics

The Penn State “whiteout” game is the best tradition in sports. End of discussion.