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A Look at the ESPN FPI for Undefeated Teams (Week 10)

by cfbmemes_

Photo courtesy of Georgia athletics

We have finally reached the awesome month of November.

The time changes, we have Thanksgiving, rivalry games pop up, and great teams start to really separate from the rest. It seems like the Georgia Bulldogs are currently in a tier of their own as they hold down the No. 1 ranking.

The Bulldogs have four games left on their regular-season schedule and none come against a team with a current winning record. What will be most interesting when the first College Football Playoff rankings come out Tuesday is to see how the committee will treat Cincinnati.

No Group of 5 team has ever been ranked higher than No. 7 by the committee. Also, congratulations to Wake Forest as it cracked the AP top 10 for the first time ever. The ESPN Football Power Index (FPI) also gives Wake Forest better than a 1% chance of making the College Football Playoff now.

After Week 9, only six undefeated teams remain. Here’s a look at those schools, their odds of winning out and their chances to make the playoff, according to the FPI:

Undefeated Teams

No. 1 Georgia (SEC) 8-0

No. 2 Cincinnati (AAC) 8-0

No. 4 Oklahoma (Big 12) 9-0

No. 5 Michigan State (Big Ten) 8-0

No. 10 Wake Forest (ACC) 8-0

No. 16 UTSA (Conference USA) 8-0

ESPN FPI Win-Out Probability

No. 1 Georgia: 48.6%

No. 2 Cincinnati: 50.9%

No. 4 Oklahoma: 19.8%

No. 5 Michigan State: 3.1%

No. 10 Wake Forest: 1.5%

No. 16 UTSA: 37.3%

ESPN FPI Playoff Probability

No. 1 Georgia: 93%

No. 2 Cincinnati: 56.2%

No. 4 Oklahoma: 61.9%

No. 5 Michigan State: 15.9%

No. 10 Wake Forest: 1.2%

No. 16 UTSA: 0%