2020 ESP Clemson Recruiting Tracker

by | Dec 16, 2020 | ACC, Clemson, Football, Recruiting

Image Credit: Clemson Athletics

Clemson is coming off the best recruiting class in school history (class of 2020) The Tigers looked to add a new batch to the Clemson Family. With the recruiting coming to a close for the Tigers on January 2nd Clemson has most certainly locked up a second straight top-five class and are primed for another run at the CFP.


Committed Waiting to Sign

  • 5-Star Tristan Leigh (OT) *Committed on January 2nd, 2021*
    • Tristan has a perfect frame at 6-5 270 so he still has room to pack on size. But what sets him apart is athleticism and pass protection. He has the foundation to be an All-American but will need to develop his movement in running situations.

Signed, They’re #ALLIN

  • 5-Star Will Shipley (RB)
    • Will is the second straight 5-star running back to commit to The Tigers. Will has shown elite athleticism while at Weddington (NC) and is expected to make an instant impact in a Clemson backfield that will be losing two of its top three options.
  • 5-Star Barrett Carter (LB)
    • Expected to a part of the one-two punch from North Gwinnett (GA) alongside with cornerback Jordan Hancock, Carter is a significant talent himself. He posses as a real threat off the edge as a pass-rusher, but has shown potential in coverage. He’s expected to develop nicely as a WILL side linebacker.
  • 4-Star Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (ILB)
    • Trotter will join Keith Maguire as the only two Tigers that hail from Pennsylvania. Trotter has a knack for finding the ball carrier, while also being nimble enough to play coverage on a running back.
  • 4-Star Jake Briningstool (TE)
    • Coming in at 6-foot-5, Briningstool poses as a real threat in passing game. His blocking shows room for improvement, but could easily find himself in a productive position early in his career at Clemson.
  • 4-Star Beaux Collins (WR)
    • The next former Brave to join The Tigers, Collins will reunite with quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei and be just the next weapon at WRU.
  • 4-Star Payton Page (DT)
    • At 6-4 and 360 pounds, Page is your prototypical double-team eater. With frame he has now, he could be one of the strongest players on roster for years to come.
  • 4-Star Cade Denhoff (DE)
    • Denhoff may be on the slimmer side when it comes to defensive end frames, but has a high level of athleticism. He can use his slim frame to his advantage. We could see him take an early redshirt so he can pack on some weight and muscle, but scouts have him as a high potential talent.
  • 4-Star Nathaniel Wiggins (CB)
    • The LSU flip Wiggins was a huge get for the Tigers. After missing on other talents, the Tigers needed a coverage corner, and they got him in Wiggins. At 6-2 and 170 pounds, he has room to put on weight via power-hour.
  • 4-Star Marcus Tate (OG)
    • Being a former basketball player, Tate possesses the natural athleticism needed to play guard in the Power 5. He has had issues in the past about carrying bad weight, but has shown the determination to stay fit.
  • 4-Star Andrew Mukuba (S)
    • Known for his hitting power, Mukuba is a downhill safety. Expect him to possibly play a similar role to Landen Zanders. Unfortunately, Mukuba has a smaller frame, only being 6-0 and 185 pounds.
  • 4-Star Troy Stellato (WR)
    • Stacking up at 6-0, 175 pounds, Troy will not see a lot of reps in the boundary. With his run after catch abilities, he will play mostly in the slot and may even get time in as a return man. He may not be the biggest, but route running will create plenty of separation.
  • 4-Star Decari Collins (WR)
    • Collins may not have put up the numbers many people expected him to in high school. But with a 6-4 build, it’s easy to see why so many people talk about him. He could create more separation, but shows potential there already.
  • 4-Star Zaire Patterson (DE)
    • If you want a frame to build on, Patterson has it. Coming in at 6-6 and 230 pounds, Zaire Patterson is the kind of guy you see after a redshirt season, looking like his diet consisted of pure creatine. If he can play coverage, we could see him move to outside linebacker, because he is already a natural in the pass-rush.
  • 4-Star Phil Mafah (RB)
    • Mafah is coming off a breakout year at Grayson (GA), where he saw a significant rise in his recruiting rankings. He has already caught the eyes of Dabo, and we could see a very interesting running back competition come the spring/summer.
  • 4-Star Dietrick Pennington (OG)
    • As a big-bodied guard, he could see significant playing time early in his career. Technique may be an issue. Because he played both ways in HS, he saw limited snaps sometimes to conserve energy.
  • 4-Star Ryan Linthicum (C)
    • Ryan is a very very strong prospect already – his weightlifting videos have already gone viral. That raw strength translates to the field, as he simply overpowers and drives defenders when he engages on a block.
  • 3-Star Bubba Chandler (QB)
    • Mostly known for his talent on the baseball field, Bubba will see most of his time as a reserve quarterback. We could see him step into a backup role, as he has the frame to build up on.
  • 3-Star Will Taylor (ATH)
    • Another baseball talent, Will can is a truly skilled player. We could see him play receiver, cornerback, or even safety.

“Wish them nothing but the best.. blah blah blah”

  • -Star Korey Foreman (DE) *Committed to USC on January 2nd, 2021*
    • As the No.1 recruit in the nation, Korey was originally committed to Clemson before he wanted to explore other options. As of late, he is trending more towards the Tigers, as his visit vs Pitt was headlined by him sitting with Clemson personality Big Dave. He is a true talent and his addition would solidify Clemson having the best defensive line in the nation for years to come.