The Easy Fixes (Pass Protection)

by | Sep 4, 2018 | ACC, Analysis, FSU

The offensive line as a unit had one of its worst outings in recent Florida State history. Without Cam Akers long run of 85 yards in the fourth quarter, FSU would be staring at 10 rushing yards total at best. The offensive line could not run block to open any kind of running lane last night. They also had trouble keeping defensive lineman off of Deondre Francois. While run fits for offensive lineman need serious work, the offensive tackles need a quick fundamental fix in pass protection. If you have played any organized football, you know in pass protection it is a cardinal sin to open the gate. Our tackles have a bad habit of opening the gate.

Kick Straight Back


This article is not to pick on Left Tackle Jauan Williams, because all of our lineman lack this fundamental. Landon Dickerson is by far the best lineman in pass protection. We all have seen the gifs and videos of some of the lineman standing around, but what you see above can be fixed within a weeks time.

Virginia Tech’s defensive line created havoc all night, and #94 Trevon Hill was a big part of it with two sacks. On third down situations defensive ends are taught to run the hoop, limiting separation, and creating the fastest path to the quarterback. It does not help when an offensive lineman kicks straight out towards the defender, instead of straight back. At last resort, opening the hips, and turning the shoulders is the worst thing you can do. The only way you survive from that terrible positioning is if you can manhandle the defender up field, which did not happen here.

Instead the offensive tackle needs to kick straight back, keep their shoulders square, and meet the defensive lineman at the halfway point.


In the gif above, offensive tackles Bobby Hart and Cam Erving show you the right fundamentals. They kick straight back, shoulders square, and fit up nicely. Coach Frey will be harping on the guys this week, on those simple fundamentals. Watch this weeks Samford game, and see if offensive tackles keep their shoulder square in pass protection.


What is your opinion? Do you think our offensive line will be fundamentally sound this week in pass protection?