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The year is 1998 and The Florida State Seminoles were entering a season with six straight Atlantic Coast Conference Championships. In the six previous seasons Florida State was expected to absolutely positively steamroll their eight ACC opponents. At the start of the 1998 season the FSU defense swarmed a top 15 Texas A&M offense holding them to 14 points, and getting a marquee win. Every thing was going as expected for the 1998 season, until the Wolfpack showed up…

Nightmare at Carter-Finley

The headline above is the best way to describe the game against NCSU in 1998. The Seminoles came into the game going 47-1 in ACC games as a conference member. Everyone (probably even NCSU fans) expected Florida State to come in and steam roll the Wolfpack. The Seminoles were a 25 point favorite over the Wolfpack. After the first FSU offensive play, which went for a touchdown, the game looked like it would be a blow out. Little did FSU fans know that this would be their first and last touchdown of the day.

“To go out there and hold that offensive football team to seven points, that’s miraculous, that is miraculous,”said N.C. State coach Mike O’Cain, the upset easily the biggest victory of his career.


Future NFL Hall of Famer and former NCSU star wide receiver Torry Holt put on a clinic against the Seminoles. No one on the Seminole Defense could stop him, or even hope to contain him. No player dominated Florida State in their career like Torry Holt did, but maybe recently Lamar Jackson.

It also did not help that future Heisman trophy winner Chris Weinke threw six interceptions, whaich was a school record. Weinke went 8 of 29 until he was benched in the middle of the fourth quarter. Nothing went the Seminoles way that day. This game was an absolute nightmare for Seminole fans in 1998. Even though Florida State went all the way to the national championship that season, this game gave a bad taste for every FSU fan.

“The bottom line is execution and I didn’t execute, There was stuff open that I just missed. That is the factor in the game. If I hit some of those open guys at least we have a chance to win the game. You don’t expect to lose around here — that’s the bottom line. Every time you play somebody they are coming after us. People are looking to beat us.” – FSU QB Chris Weinke 1997-2000

The Seminoles went on to lose 24-7, and were absolutely dominated. After this 1998 game, no Seminole looks forward to games in Carter-Finley, which FSU will pay a visit to this season.


1999 It Was Personal



Personally I was seven years old walking up Lake Bradford road towards Doak Campbell Stadium. Suddenly I heard sirens of a fire truck behind me. I thought something was wrong, until I noticed pageantry on the fire truck. The sirens running as loud as they could, I spotted a stuffed animal on top of the truck. The stuffed animal was a wolf, that had multiple tears, and taped up made to look like it took a beating.

That is exactly what the Seminoles did in 1999 was beat up the Wolfpack on the field. The revenge game was a 42-11 beat down, where the Noles displayed their frustrations. Florida State came into a game with a fire in their belly, especially the Florida State defense. They forced multiple turnovers, held the Wolfpack passing attack to 40% completion rate, and had two defensive touchdowns.

FSU Kicker Sebastian Janikowski knocked in five field goals on the day, scoring 18 points of the 42 total.

“We came out strong and they got paid back,” Janikowski said. “That’s the
best feeling ever.”

Chris Weinke had no where to go but up from last years game. While he did struggle in the 1999 game as well, he helped pad a huge margin of victory win for Florida State. Weinke especially had a grudge against the Wolfpack and the quote below probably represents every Florida State fans thoughts on NC State in 1999.

“I would have loved to have buried those guys,” Weinke said. “And we
didn’t bury them.”

Even FSU legend Peter Warrick was not satisfied with the 42-11 win, he wanted more.

“Forty two points is not enough against a team that humiliated us last
year,” said Florida State’s Peter Warrick, who caught nine passes for 75 yards
and returned 2 punts for 46 yards.

With those three quotes and the atmosphere that surrounded Tallahassee on September 18, 1999 this game definitely belongs on the list. The 1998 game brought us humiliation, embarrassment, but in 1999 it brought redemption and revenge.

What is your opinion? Does this 1999 game against North Carolina State belong as a top 5 revenge game?


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