Today is the day we start the top ten Peter Warrick moments as it is #PeterWarrickWednesday! We are starting from the tenth moment and descending all the way to number one! Our #10 moment won play of the year by many in the media in 1999. If our list is starting with this one then you know it’s going to spectacular!

The Setting

Florida State and Louisiana Tech took the field together on August 28. The funny thing was, it should have been Auburn playing Florida State that day. Auburn decided to back out of the game due to the fear of Bobby Bowden running the score up on them, due to how they handled Terry Bowden.

Even though it was a less prestigious team that took the field, Louisiana Tech ended up as a solid 8-3 team. Everyone expected this to be a blowout for Florida State, and eventually it ended up that way. But people were over reacting when it was 7-7 with a minute left in the first half.

The Play of the Year

With under a minute left until halftime the Seminoles decided to run a trick play. The trick play was a reverse to Peter Warrick. In the play, Warrick changed direction multiple times, broke at least four to five tackles, and finally loafed into the end zone after leaving the Louisiana Tech defense in a pieces.

After that run Louisiana Tech never recovered and lost the game 41-7. Even the Louisiana Tech head coach was at awe, thinking they had him tackled fifteen times!







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