Raise your hand if you are happy at 4-6! Oh…No one is happy about that fact? Raise your hand if you are happy to beat a 4-6 Florida team! Everyone that read the previous sentence should raise their hand. Of course we are not happy about being 4-6 ourselves but a win over Florida could give us a micro-salvage to this season. A win over Florida on Thanksgiving weekend can do wonders to improve fan perspective. No one will be happy making a possible 7-6 finish, but beating Florida always eases the pain, and it is something I will never take for granted.

Why you should never take a win over Florida for granted



#1. Remember the national championships lost

  • 1996
  • 1997

#2. Remember the best teams of the 90’s struggled

In the 1990’s FSU had two of its best teams of all times, the others were great as well finishing in the top 4. In the 90’s it took two national championship teams to win in the Swamp, and those were the only two teams to do it. The best Florida State team to not win a national championship (1997) lost in the final moments in Gainesville. It is a very special occasion no matter the situation to win in Gainesville.


#3. Remember the pain of the lost decade

From 2004-2009, it was a miserable six years of losing to the Florida Gators. The six game losing streak felt like an eternity, and torment that would never end. Not only did we have to witness the celebration of Bobby Bowden field ruined, but we had to deal with the Urban Liar.  Watching Tim Tebow romp our beloved Noles was one of the worst things witnessed. Each year we have beaten them since 2010, it has been sweet. Beating the Gators at anytime is payback for the years of 04-09.


Bottom Line

You should never take a win over our bitter rivals for granted. I know neither team has had much success, but this will make on of our seasons. So when we do win in the Swamp for the fourth straight time be grateful. Jimbo said it best this week, that the 2012 season still had a sour taste. Even though FSU won the ACC for the first time in seven seasons, won an Orange Bowl, and went 12-2 it was still soured from a loss to UF.


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