Before Bobby….

by | Nov 24, 2017 | ACC, Florida, Football, FSU, SEC, Sports

In Florida State’s short 70 year history it has only had two coaches make it to a double digit tenure. Highly recognized coach Bill Peterson (11 seasons at FSU) and legendary coach Bobby Bowden (34 seasons at FSU). While Jimbo Fisher is hopefully approaching his ninth head coaching season at FSU, he is in an elite club. Jimbo is the third longest tenured coach at FSU, and he is also one of three head coaches at FSU to beat Florida. By far he has the best winning percentage against our rivals, but before Bobby there was not much success against the Florida Gators.

FSU Head Coaching Records against UF

  • Tom Nugent 0-1
  • Perry Moss 0-1
  • Bill Peterson 2-8-1
  • Larry Jones 0-3
  • Darrell Mudra 0-2
  • Bobby Bowden 17-18-1
  • Jimbo Fisher 6-1


Before Bobby Bowden, there was not much success against Florida. Before he stepped into the HC role, FSU had a total record of 2-15-1. So the foundation Bobby built for our program to catch up this far with our bitter rivals was nothing more than impressive. Before the lost decade, and when the game was starting to pass Bowden by he was 15-11-1 against Florida.


Overall FSU-UF series record: 25-34-2

Overall FSU-UF Series Record with Bobby and Jimbo: 23-19-1



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