Operation Six Wins and Operation Hogtown

by | Oct 22, 2017 | ACC, Florida, FSU, SEC

As a fellow Florida State fan, whatever goal you had in mind for this team just scrap it. There is only two goals that we can worry about salvaging this 2017 season. As much as we want the misery to end, we have to hope that these two goals are met. Currently we have a thirty five bowl appearance streak, and a four game winning streak against the Gators. Whatever it takes, let’s hope Jimbo and staff (that make 6-7 figures $$$) can make these two goals happen.

Operation Six Wins

  • Boston College
  • Syracuse
  • Clemson
  • Delaware State
  • Florida


Currently we are 2-4, and only have room to have one more loss on this schedule. There is only one guaranteed team on this remaining schedule that we should beat. That team is Delaware State who is in the same conference as Florida A&M. Boston College and Syracuse have shown to be quiet the solid teams this season, and have a shot at beating Florida State by multiple scores. Clemson still has playoff aspirations, so we will receive their best shot, and they are the most talented team left. Florida is a terrible team right now, and we have to win there to assure six wins.


Remaining Schedule listed toughest to easiest

  1.  Clemson
  2.  Syracuse
  3.  Boston College
  4.  Florida
  5.  Delaware State


The good news is all five of these teams have fatal flaws, and are all possible wins. To the though of we could be 5-1 as easily as we could be 0-6 rings true here. We could easily go 5-0 during this stretch, as easily as we could go 1-4.

To protect this impressive 35 bowl appearance streak, Florida State now has to be almost flawless. There is a potential that the Louisiana Monroe game will be rescheduled on December 2, since FSU is out of the ACC Championship game. This will give FSU room to…gulp… lose two more games. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but the Louisiana Monroe game maybe necessary to reschedule.


Operation Hogtown


Hogtown (Gainesville, FL) is a place we need to go in and win this season. Even though we are on our worst start since 1974, we still have the potential to beat the Gators. They also have a (Redshirt) Freshman who I would say is struggling more than Blackman. In our remaining schedule Florida is the second easiest game to win, unless ULM is rescheduled.




Your Opinion: Do you think FSU gets to the magical six wins to become bowl eligible. Do you think rescheduling Louisiana Monroe is a necessity to get there? Comment Below!