Hot Take: Three Good Things

by | Oct 15, 2017 | ACC, Football, FSU, Reactions, Sports

Not many Seminole fans came away very happy or impressed from yesterdays victory over a 4-3 Duke team. While most understand this is not your fathers Duke football team, we know wins against Duke should come at a fair margin. While the Noles moved to 2-3, there were some positives that need to be focused on. Though this isn’t the season you wanted, or expected, this is reality for now. So here are the three good things, that we noticed from the Duke game.

#1. Logan Tyler’s Improvement

Logan Tyler had his best game of the season, and as noted earlier helped win this game. He flipped field position multiple times Saturday, putting the Duke offense in a huge hole. At the beginning of the season against Alabama his punt average was 31.5 yards, yesterday’s average was 52 yards. Even with the struggles we face on defense the remainder of the season, Tyler’s improvement should be a band-aid.

#2. Blackman’s Precision

While he did throw two interceptions, Blackman’s passing percentage was at 86%. He went 18/21, so only on three throws was he off target. For my fellow Nole fans, this kid is going to be very good, and we will have a QB battle in the spring. Not only was he accurate on 86% of his throws, but he started off fast yesterday. For the first time in his career, we marched right down the field and scored a touchdown. He had success yesterday with a beaten up receiving core, missing Keith Gavin, and a struggling OL. This is great for his development as he is getting better each and every week!

#3. The Dynamic Duo

Cam Akers: 15 Carries for 115 Yards and 1 TD
Jacques Patrick: 18 Carries for 98 Yards

If you saw the previous post, the offensive line had struggles, but these two persisted on having a great game. This season has shown that these two just need minimal creases to make an explosive play. Many prayers towards the offensive line to become successful, as these two would just dominate if so.