ACC vs. SEC 2022

We are one game away from completing the 2022 season. The ACC vs. SEC games is always exciting to watch since both conferences share geographical footprints. No other two power five conferences share this much geographical footprint. The two conferences overlap in four different states, and so close in other regions. Let’s take a look at how the matchups went.

ACC vs. SEC in 2022

Florida State 24 LSU 23 (Sept 4)
Tennessee 34 Pitt 27 OT (Sept 10)
Wake Forest 45 Vanderbilt 25 (Sept 10)
Texas A&M 17 Miami 9 (Sept 17)
Ole Miss 42 Georgia Tech 0 (Sept 17)
Florida State 45 Florida 38 (Nov 25)
Kentucky 26 Louisville 13 (Nov 25)
South Carolina 31 Clemson 30 (Nov 25)
Georgia 37 Georgia Tech 14 (Nov 25)
Wake Forest 27 Missouri 17 (Gasparilla Bowl)
Tennessee 31 Clemson 14 (Orange Bowl)
SEC Advantage 7-4

For the most part, their matchups have been entertaining across the board. I guarantee you no one had Clemson losing to multiple SEC teams this season, while Florida State defeated two.

Rivalry week for the ACC was a disaster. In those four out-of-state games, only Florida State won theirs. The big winner in all of this was South Carolina finally snapping a losing streak to Clemson, and getting a huge win. The other was Wake Forest winning their regular season game against Vanderbilt and scoring a bowl victory against Missouri.

Next year the two conferences will collide in multiple matchups, who do you guys have gaining the advantage next season?

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