5-Star Davon Mitchell Commits to Oklahoma Sooners, Boosts Team’s 2024 Recruiting Class Rankings

Davon Mitchell made waves over the weekend with his commitment to the Oklahoma Sooners. A native of Los Alamitos, California, Mitchell is distinctive for his imposing frame of 6-foot, 4-inch and 245 pounds; a stature that has fetched him recognition as the top tight end in the 2024 class.

Rising on the Gridiron

Having held sustained interest from the Oklahoma coaching staff, it was today that the 5-star tight end chose to fully commit to the program, a move undoubtedly cheered by fans.

Interestingly, this young prodigy plans to reclassify to the 2024 class from 2025, this August. He is expected to graduate high school this December.

A Complete Player

Mitchell is viewed as the epitome of a modern tight end. He possesses the speed of a receiver, the power of a tight end, and the looks of a defensive end. Although he has a reliable catching ability, Mitchell shines brightest when he plays with more physicality and the ball in his hands. His aggressive running style and fearless pursuit of contact make him a standout on the field.

Strengthening Bonds

The addition of Mitchell to the Sooners’ class of ’24 is significant. He has developed a strong friendship with the current Sooners quarterback, 4-star Michael Hawkins. Evidently with a strong rapport off the field, Mitchell’s addition to the team is likely to further enhance team chemistry.

Boosting the Rankings

Mitchell’s commitment gives a substantial lift to the Sooners’ 2024 recruiting class rankings. Currently 39th according to 247Sports, the addition of a 5-star recruit like Mitchell is expected to catapult the team into at least the Top 25, maybe higher.

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